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Barium Sulphate Paste Powder Suspension HD RT Enema Enema (Disp) CT (Disp) CAT CAT2 Gas One-Shot-Inflator & Air-Insufflator

• Enema bag contains 400 gm/454 gm powder formulated by using coarse   particles of Barium Sulphate.

• Speed and convenience with an easy to use, disposable one step system.

• Flexible seamless “three way passage” enema nozzle:
               1) One passage for easy flow of Barium Suspension through non -                     kink tubing and multiple side holes at the tip of the nozzle.

               2) Second passage with non- return valve for pumping required air,                     into large bowel using Air- Insufflator.

               3) Third passage for inflating non latex retention cuff using one- shot-                     inflator which has a maximum air displacement volume of 100 c.c.                     avoiding over inflation.

Economical as reusable, “One-shot-inflator” and “Air-insufflator” are marketed   separately.

For X-ray diagnosis of large bowel.

White heavy powder.

400 gm/454 gm PVC prefilled bags with tube ending with a three way passage   nozzle.

400 gm/454 gm “microbar for Enema”powder mixed with desired quantity of   water to attain required density, is administered depending on size of patient.

• 100 gm contains:
  Barium Sulphate B. P. 92 gm
  Base                   q. s. 100 gm



microbar for enema
microbar for ENEMA
400 gm / 454 gm bags
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